invitatie congres arhivisti maghiari

Association of Hungarian Archivists (MLE) would like to inform you about that our traditional yearly itinerary congress will be held from 18th – 20nd June, 2012, at Szeged (arrival possibility from 17 th June). It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in advance.


The main topic and theme of the international conference and international round-table: e-government/e-governance and e-archives. Official invitation and program will be available soon.


It would be our pleasure if your organization could join us. Please let us know about your possible participation. (Please note: cause of the Association’s material circumstances and subsidy facilities, we potentially able to host only one representatives of each association for free. If more than one person would like to join us from the same organization, we kindly ask you to support the first cost price of your meals and accommodation. Thank you for your understanding.)


We would like to inform you that the Hungarian county archives are being maintained of the ministry of culture and then will be created the Hungarian National Archives (not the National Archives of Hungary) from 1 June 2012. We can only send now the event notification because these organizational changes and related financial problems. Thank you for your understanding.


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